Sunday, January 24, 2010

Snow Day

Today I awoke to the sound of tires spinning and shovelling in our complex. I could not believe all the vehicles that were stuck, I could go from window to window and see stranded cars. As the day progressed, I enjoyed watching my neighbors come out of their houses to help everyone out. I even helped my neighbor when Karter was sleeping. In return, he helped me shovel out my empty parking stall that was buried in snow. I really felt a sense of community today as everyone was helping each other. Then the bobcats came out and all the commotion subsided.

Until ... I looked out the window and noticed the bobcat was piling all snow on my recently shovelled parking stall. I was livid. By this point my stall had snow packed higher than my vehicle. I went out and told the bobcat man that he was putting all the snow in my stall. Which I do not understand bc it was the only shovelled stall in the complex. He said that he was just putting it where he could and did not know when it would be removed. So ... I will be phoning the condo board tomorrow. It just ticks me off that we pay these guys in our condo fees to remove it and that I also paid for my parking stall. Also, if Mark was home one of us would have no where to park.

So ... for now I will watch the neighbor kids use my parking stall as a tobogganing hill. On the flip side, maybe tomorrow Karter and I will go tobogganing. Lol.

I have included two pictures. The top one is of everyone helping each other out. Notice in the bottom left corner my shovelled parking stall. And now the tobogganing hill.

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  1. Lol. I suggest you find the name/address of bobcatman and pay someone to move the snow in front of his garage door, conveniently leaving a note saying you don't know when it'd be removed. URG. People like that make my blood boil.