Monday, November 28, 2011

Really ... This is MY Kid?

One thing that would stress me out when Mark was away for work was grocery shopping - with Karter. Before he knew he could actually get out of the cart - it was fine. Just feed him lots of treats and motor on through the aisles. But, after we made the mistake of letting him out of the cart all hell broke loose. Yes, that was my child running down the aisles full force screaming, maybe knocking items off the shelf or trying to open them. I was mortified. To the point that he never came shopping with me.

When he started at his new daycare in July, he would comment daily on where they went that day. A frequent response was "the Co-op". This baffled me. I can barely handle my son there, and she is going there was 4 kids!!! Well Bonnie, I thank you for having the courage to do what I did not.

Mark, Karter and I went grocery shopping on the weekend. We went early, my thought process was that there would be less shopping carts strolling up and down the aisles to run over my crazy son. But, It was a Christmas miracle. We entered the store and he held on to the side of the cart as we walked around. He did not touch items unless we asked him to get us something. At the till he played with this toy thing, and when we were done asked the cashier politely if he could have a sucker. I - could - not - believe - it. I was very proud of my well mannered son.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Baby Got Back

Sometimes I think people are clueless to pregnant womens' emotions. Or is it being prego and the wacked hormones make us super sensitive - I don't know. Probably a bit of both.

Anyway, I do find that people can say the stupidest things to pregnant women. For example, last week a co-worker called me into her office and said she thought I was having a girl. She said "don't take offense to this, but this time you have a big butt". Really, really was that necessary to share that with me?!?

I did end up laughing the comment off, I didn't start crying or anything.

I am just thankful to be able to be pregnant, and am not going to let silly comments ruin my pregnancy.