Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lesson Learned

Mark had to go into work for 6:30am today. This switched up our routine as he always drops off Karter at daycare and I do the pick up. Not a big deal. I quite enjoyed getting Karter ready and we were ready to go by 8am and set the alarm and out the door we went.

When I got to work at 8:30 I had a voicemail from Mark to call him. Oh crap, what did I do...

I called him back and asked him how things were going. He said good, just finished doing a walk through. I assumed he meant on a work house, but no, he meant on our house. And the walkthrough was with the police.

So this obviously was the first time I have set the alarm during the day since we got our dog Juice. You have two options and I picked the wrong one and Juice set off the motion detectors.

We all know how much I check my cell phone and it could have no battery life for days and I would not have noticed. Well my phone was on vibrate and I had a couple missed calls from the alarm company and from Mark. Woops!

Since they could not get ahold of me they sent the police to our house. They did then get ahold of Mark and when he arrived home the police were checking out our back yard. She insisted that they go into the house and go through every room to ensure no one was inside. Lol. Mark is NOT a big fan of police so you could imagine how happy he was with me.

Lessons learnt from this experience - I now know what button to press on our alarm system so the dog does not trip it. And the second lesson - take my phone off vibrate!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Biopsy #2

Mom had the needle biopsy done yesterday. Prior to the surgery my mom's doctor said that they would be putting her under, but unfortunately they did not. My mom said they tried to make it as comfortable as possible (including freezing), but she said it still hurt quite a bit. I would have been so freaked out if I was her. She showed me the size of the needle and they enter through your chest area so you would be able to see it all. Ugh.

She has to take it easy for a few days and the results should be ready Friday/Monday. The doctor that performed the biopsy did say that the tumor is so big that she really isn't breathing a whole lot with that lung. Boo.

My mom being the nosey lady that she is, swapped a look at her chart while she was recuperating. It said that so far the tumor is inconclusive for cancer and that there was no cancer detected in her lymph nodes that they biopsied. So that is good news.

I am glad that we are getting close to the final results and a plan of attack!! I will keep you all posted.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Negative Thus Far

My mom got the results from the lung biopsy today and there were no traces of cancer found.

However, the doctor still believes it is cancer and has put in a request for the needle biopsy next week. It is considered a day surgery and they will be knocking my mom out for the procedure. She is happy about this as she originally thought she would be awake and was pretty freaked out. But it makes sense because they collapse her lung and then proceed with the biopsy. She will have to spend the night in the hospital but she is getting to be a pro at that. My mom sounded releived on the phone, and I think she is starting to feel better from her surgery also.

Regardless of whether it is cancer or not, my mom will be getting a treatment plan. They will need to shrink the tumor before they can operate and take it out. I am not sure if that will be chemo or radiation. Even though the outcome is a treatment plan, it still feels good that they have not medically confirmed that it is cancer. I don't know why but it makes me feel better. I hate the C word. I think I am relieved also that the PET scan results did not come back stating that they found cancer here, there and everywhere. That was my biggest fear!!

Best Big Brother

As the weeks progress I find myself getting more and more excited to meet the new addition to our family. I love that Karter shares in this excitement. We painted the baby room this week and Karter was so excited to paint his little sister's room.

Last week Mark's friend had a baby. Mark and I were going to the hospital to meet him and Mark said to Karter "Mommy and I are going to the hospital to meet a new baby". Karter ran up the stairs after him and yelled "Our baby, our baby is coming home right now?!?". The pure excitement in his voice was touching.

This morning when I left for work Karter yelled at me to stop. He ran over and kissed my belly and said "I love you little sister. Have a good day".

Thursday, March 15, 2012


My mom had her gallbladder removed on Monday morning. At this time they also performed a lung biopsy. This consisted of placing a tiny camera in her lung (going down through her throat) to look around and taking multiple biopsies.

My mom is doing pretty good. Her face is pretty soar from the biopsy and her belly is a bit tender from the gallbladder removal.

It has been a pretty stressful week for my mom, and for me. My mind has been wandering all week with the "what ifs".

The doctor called my mom with some results last night. He is a straight to the point doctor, which I respect. He told her that the PET scan results as well as the biopsy were inconclusive that it is cancer. There is more testing that is taking place on the biopsy and he will call my mom Friday night with those results. He also said she will probably have to get a needle biopsy done now. This entails freezing on the surface of your skin and then they inject a needle into you that goes into the lung and retrieves a biopsy. Unfortunately my mom will be awake for this. Why do they need to do this type of biopsy now. From what I understand, and I am NO doctor, is that this tumor is quite big and that all the cells may not be cancerous (if any). Now that they have the PET scan they can pinpoint the specific, maybe target area of the tumor to get the biopsy from.

I am also confused as to the PET scan results being inconclusive. A PET scan detects whether it is cancer, if cancer has spread to other parts of the body (the staging of cancer). So I am hopeful that if the results were inconclusive that means they did not pick up cancer in other parts of the body (if any cancer at all). I wish my mom would have asked her doctor this - but you know how it is when you are on the phone with the doc and are just trying to absorb in what he is telling you.

So right now we are a bit confused and a bit optimistic. I am looking forward to the call from the doctor on Friday night and hopefully more clarification.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


One of the many perks of finding out the sex of your baby is that it allows you to get completely organized before the baby comes. Now that we know we are having a girl, we can get rid of Karter's baby clothes. We started this task last night. It was a lot of fun. Amazing how you can remember so many outfits and place events to go along with them. Not going to lie I got a bit sad, but that is to be expected coming from me. Lol. Karter enjoyed the clothes sorting as well and he even remembered some of the clothing.

At one point Karter disappeared, and came back wearing his Halloween costume that he wore when he was 9 months old. We had a good laugh and it was a good way to finish off the evening.

Friday, March 2, 2012

PET Scan Done, Surgery Booked

My mom and brother got back from Edmonton last night. My mom was pretty tired and still feeling queasy from the stuff she had to drink for the PET scan. She said she did not like the scan at all. Especially when they had it over her face - reminded her of a coffin. She was also strapped in tight like she was a crazy person. She got through it by thinking of Karter and the new baby. That made me smile.

I think it was a wake up call for what potentially might be coming. At this clinic there were sick people there, lots without hair. My mom seemed pretty down when we were talking about this. I am going to have to think of a way to keep her positive and motivated if she does have to do chemo.

My mom goes for her pre-op on Thursday for her gall bladder surgery, then they will remove it on Monday the 12th. I am very happy about this, one that my mom will not be in pain anymore from the gallstones, and two the sooner the surgery gets done the sooner we can focus on her lung.

I would like to thank everyone for their support. It really helps me to talk about it. It also helps my mom. I will tell her that so and so asked about her or said they would say a prayer for her. Even if she does not know that person, it means a lot that people are thinking of her. I have had one negative comment so far. That being "maybe she should have drank more, maybe that would have killed the cancer". I was pretty taken back by this comment. First of all, I am pregnant and hormonal. Second this situation with my mom is very sensitive to me. I Do not need these types of comments. I am normally a person who doesn't say anything, but this time I piped up and defended my mom. I know she has not been that good to her body with the drinking and the smoking. When you have no self worth and an addiction, I am sure it did not cross her mind all the damage she was doing. And no one deserves to get cancer, and no one is perfect.