Friday, March 2, 2012

PET Scan Done, Surgery Booked

My mom and brother got back from Edmonton last night. My mom was pretty tired and still feeling queasy from the stuff she had to drink for the PET scan. She said she did not like the scan at all. Especially when they had it over her face - reminded her of a coffin. She was also strapped in tight like she was a crazy person. She got through it by thinking of Karter and the new baby. That made me smile.

I think it was a wake up call for what potentially might be coming. At this clinic there were sick people there, lots without hair. My mom seemed pretty down when we were talking about this. I am going to have to think of a way to keep her positive and motivated if she does have to do chemo.

My mom goes for her pre-op on Thursday for her gall bladder surgery, then they will remove it on Monday the 12th. I am very happy about this, one that my mom will not be in pain anymore from the gallstones, and two the sooner the surgery gets done the sooner we can focus on her lung.

I would like to thank everyone for their support. It really helps me to talk about it. It also helps my mom. I will tell her that so and so asked about her or said they would say a prayer for her. Even if she does not know that person, it means a lot that people are thinking of her. I have had one negative comment so far. That being "maybe she should have drank more, maybe that would have killed the cancer". I was pretty taken back by this comment. First of all, I am pregnant and hormonal. Second this situation with my mom is very sensitive to me. I Do not need these types of comments. I am normally a person who doesn't say anything, but this time I piped up and defended my mom. I know she has not been that good to her body with the drinking and the smoking. When you have no self worth and an addiction, I am sure it did not cross her mind all the damage she was doing. And no one deserves to get cancer, and no one is perfect.

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  1. WHO the HELL would say that. Insensitive. Love you lots, chica.