Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lesson Learned

Mark had to go into work for 6:30am today. This switched up our routine as he always drops off Karter at daycare and I do the pick up. Not a big deal. I quite enjoyed getting Karter ready and we were ready to go by 8am and set the alarm and out the door we went.

When I got to work at 8:30 I had a voicemail from Mark to call him. Oh crap, what did I do...

I called him back and asked him how things were going. He said good, just finished doing a walk through. I assumed he meant on a work house, but no, he meant on our house. And the walkthrough was with the police.

So this obviously was the first time I have set the alarm during the day since we got our dog Juice. You have two options and I picked the wrong one and Juice set off the motion detectors.

We all know how much I check my cell phone and it could have no battery life for days and I would not have noticed. Well my phone was on vibrate and I had a couple missed calls from the alarm company and from Mark. Woops!

Since they could not get ahold of me they sent the police to our house. They did then get ahold of Mark and when he arrived home the police were checking out our back yard. She insisted that they go into the house and go through every room to ensure no one was inside. Lol. Mark is NOT a big fan of police so you could imagine how happy he was with me.

Lessons learnt from this experience - I now know what button to press on our alarm system so the dog does not trip it. And the second lesson - take my phone off vibrate!!

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