Sunday, August 7, 2011

If a Tree falls in the Forest ... Does anybody Hear

We just got back from holidays and had an awesome time. The first two nights we headed out to Turtle Lake to Mark's brothers cabin. It was awesome. The weather was perfect, days filled with family, Karter was happy and Juice was very well behaved. We went tubing all day, made bushpies over the camp fire, and Karter got to go for a couple quad rides.

On the last night we were woken up by hail. We looked outside and the lightning and thunder was insane. It honestly looked like a strobe light. Then the power shut off. The winds were intense and the hail was extremely loud as we were staying in the loft. All I could think of was pictures I had seen on facebook of previous storms this summer and the damage caused by fallen down trees. I kept praying "please don't let a tree fall on the cabin". I hate storms to begin with and to be staying in the loft and all the kids on the top floor as well did not help my anxiety.

Well, trees did fall, all around us. Funny thing is that we did not even hear them fall. I think the intense hail and thunder had something to do with it.

Pictures are of what we woke up to the next day. The neighbor had a tree fall on his truck and cabin. Behind Blain's cabin there were numerous trees on the ground.

Just thankful no one was hurt. We drove by one cabin and their car had a tree right down the middle of it. We talked to a lady that said the cabin owner told their son to get out of bed and move to the front of the cabin and as soon as he did a tree fell on their bedroom.