Friday, March 16, 2012

Negative Thus Far

My mom got the results from the lung biopsy today and there were no traces of cancer found.

However, the doctor still believes it is cancer and has put in a request for the needle biopsy next week. It is considered a day surgery and they will be knocking my mom out for the procedure. She is happy about this as she originally thought she would be awake and was pretty freaked out. But it makes sense because they collapse her lung and then proceed with the biopsy. She will have to spend the night in the hospital but she is getting to be a pro at that. My mom sounded releived on the phone, and I think she is starting to feel better from her surgery also.

Regardless of whether it is cancer or not, my mom will be getting a treatment plan. They will need to shrink the tumor before they can operate and take it out. I am not sure if that will be chemo or radiation. Even though the outcome is a treatment plan, it still feels good that they have not medically confirmed that it is cancer. I don't know why but it makes me feel better. I hate the C word. I think I am relieved also that the PET scan results did not come back stating that they found cancer here, there and everywhere. That was my biggest fear!!

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