Friday, October 29, 2010

Power Day

About 4 years ago Saskatoon experienced a Snow Day when the city was hit by a crazy snowstorm and we were all sent home from work. I loved this as I was living with Deena at the time and we stayed in our PJ's all day.

Well, yesterday I got to experience my first Power Day. At about 10am the power went out at work. By 11:30 it was still not on and SaskPower said that we would not be getting our power back till late Thursday or Friday. Our department was upset bc we had to release our Q3 financial statements today and there were last minute changes that needed to be made, but with no server we were screwed. I was pretty happy bc I had not seen my husband in three weeks and he was finally home. So we all got packed up to leave ... and voila ... the power was back on. My heart sank ... BUT ... we still got to go home bc when the server is shut down for that long ... it takes like 4 hours to get everything going again.

I LOVE Power Days.

Oh ... and we released our FS on time today.

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  1. I love that you're blogging again. I've missed your humour.