Tuesday, January 31, 2012

C-Section Date

I received a letter in the mail yesterday from my doctor's office stating the hospital has booked my c-section date. And - it is May 24th. Which already is one of the most special days of the year because it is my birthday. Lol.

There are pros and cons for sharing a birthday with your child. But I am taking more of a pro approach. How special - out of 365 days in the year - is it the day that I was born that the hospital decided to bring this special little baby into our lives. And there is no better gift to receive then to hold your ?daughter? in your arms for the first time on your birthday.

In future years of course the baby's birthday will be the first priority. Which is totally fine by me - I am not huge on celebrating my own birthday anyway. And who knows - quite possible I may go into labor early.


  1. My future SIL shares a bday with her mom and they celebrate it together every year. She really likes it. What an extra special day it will be this year!

  2. I think that's so special! Love it. and also love that I'm in town for that date. :)