Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Purple People Eater and My Romeo

My Purple People Eater

My little girl has been fighting thrush for over a month now.  After two failed tries we are on to the purple violet treatment.  Good news is that it looks like it has cleared up, but we still have five more days of treatments to go.  Bad news is that this stuff stains everything - so you can imagine what this breastfeeding mom looks like.  I have to be very careful with her clothes and since majority of Bentley's clothes are borrowed that really limits what she can wear.  I will be happy when we can say good bye to this purple dye and thrush and hello to cute colorful outfits once again.

My Romeo

Karter has a soft spot for the ladies.  When he was two years old he declared Strawberry Short Cake his girlfriend and would let everyone know that was his girl.  He has since moved on to Layla a little girl from daycare.  Like his daddy, he loves the older ladies.  But, since Layla has started school and is only around occasionally, he has moved on to his new girlfriend Melanie.  I never thought much of him calling these girls his girlfriend, like he really knew what that meant.  Then one day I picked Karter up at daycare and he went to say good-bye to Melanie, which included a hug and an "I Love You".  I was shocked and looked at Bonnie his daycare provider.  She said "I know, he is a real Romeo".  Moving on to yesterday they went to the fun factory.  Bonnie said that Karter barely went on the slides or ball pitt.  He was too busy sitting driver in the fire truck giving a ride to all the ladies.  At one point he even had six girls in there.  Bonnie jokingly mentioned we may have trouble with Karter. Since I don't have any pictures of Karter and his ladies - here he is with the two most important ladies in his life.

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