Friday, November 20, 2009


I always end up having funny things happen to me. For example, a previous post about how I flushed my cell phone down the toilet. And then there was a time that a crow stuck to my car and I was driving around Saskatoon with people honking and waving at me, trying to tell me that I had a big fat crow on my car. Like I did not KNOW!!

Well, today I get to add to my funny stories:

Karter and I love going shopping. It is a win win situation, I get to spend money (well Marks money ... thanks hun) and he gets to people watch and flirt with all the ladies. Today, we ventured out to one of our favorite stores, good ol' Walmart. But todays adventure started like no other.

I grabbed Karter from his car seat and grabbed a cart. Karter was a little fussy so I was not paying attention as I put the plastic seat down on the cart. I wish I would have because I got my finger stuck as the plastic snapped into place. So my finger is throbbing as I am troubleshooting how to get it out... My stuck hand isn't strong enough to open up the plastic seat, Karter is in my other hand and I can't reach far enough to put him down. I was STUCK, literally. I could see my finger starting to turn purple and my eyes are filling with tears from the pain. I keep pulling at my finger and it's starts bleeding. WTF am I gonna do?? Should I call 911?? Should I cut off my finger?? Well I could not do either of these as I had no free hands. It hurt too much to push the cart to go get help as it pinched my finger even more. So my last option was to yell, yes, yell for help like a mad woman. Finally, a man came up and rescued me. Wow, thank goodness for strangers!!

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  1. hahahaha lol lol omg, this was so funny Alynne!! I feel so bad for you & hope that your finger is okay too :)