Saturday, November 7, 2009

Daycare Finalized

I am very happy to post that we have found a wonderful daycare for Karter ... finally. After all of my searching and interviews, we met with a perfect match that met all my criteria. She resides in the Silverspring area and has two cute little girls - 5 and 7. Her numbers are small, with a girl Karters age and a little boy in kindergarten. Her home is clean, there is a big play area for Karter and a big, fenced backyard. She has previous experience of working/supervising in a daycare, has her first aid and CPR and some sort of daycare course. Her hours are very flexible - 7am till really whenever. Which will work well when I have to stay a bit late at work.

The interview went really well. Karter felt at ease within a few minutes of us arriving, and was crawling around and chasing one of the little girls. You can tell she is a great person. I know her personality will work well with Karters and I truly believe she will take great care of our son. When we left, I felt excitement and relief. Mark and I both knew she is the one for us!!

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