Sunday, February 27, 2011

Grandma's Birthday Present

Buying for parents is hard mainly bc they have everything. Saturday was Mark's mom Wendy's birthday. I was racking my brain trying to decide what to get her, then they booked their trip to Cuba. Perfect ~ money in a card specifying it to be used on her trip to get a fabulous massage.

Karter and I headed to Shoppers to pick up a card - and I thought I would get her a couple travel size items for their trip to go along with the theme. To keep Karter entertained I explained to him that we needed to pick out some stuff for Grandma for her birthday and how it should be used on their trip to Cuba. "Yeah" he screamed and was totally into it. Karter goes and picks out one thing and puts it in the basket. I wasn't really sure what it was and picked it up to have a closer look. Man - they package condoms nicely these days. FYI - I made Karter pick out something else.


  1. Bahaha. You have the BEST stories and always make me laugh. Keep blogging.

  2. haha! That would have been a great gift for Cuba :) Love all the blog posts!!!