Saturday, February 26, 2011


Karter loves his pets - he has one cat or "cattie" as he calls her and 4 fish (depending on the day as Mark bought fish that like to each each other!!). I think having pets is so beneficial for kids - it teaches them love and responsibility. For example - Karter thinks the cattie is always thirsty - and will follow the cattie all around the house with her water dish - she will sit down and Karter puts the bowl in front of her - she gets up - and so on and so on till there is no more water in the dish bc Karter has spilt it everywhere. Here is a picture of the cattie in her new hang out - the railing. Maybe she chooses to hang out here bc this is one of the few places she will not get the water dish put in front of her.

We bought a bigger fish tank last weekend (bc the fish keep eating other fish they outgrew the old tank) and Karter is so proud of it. Whenever someone comes over he leads them to the fish tank and says "big". He also loves to feed the fish.

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