Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rumor Has It

SO wrong...

A couple months ago I had a message on my phone from our cleaning lady's boss stating that we were getting a new cleaning lady. Whatev ... but I must admit it was kind of awkward when I opened the door and it ended up being a cousin of Marks - it was even more awkward that I did not remember her. Lol. Sometimes I have my head stuck up my A*s. Anyway, it did not seem to bother her that she was cleaning our house and Mark was cool with it.

Fast forward to this Monday - cleaning day. I get home from work and Mark's cousin had left us a note - that read:

Just wanted to say Congratulations. I seen the picture on the fridge of the newest member of the family and that is so exciting Karter is going to be a big brother!!

Lol. The picture is of an ultrasound of Karter.

I did call Mark's mom to be prepared for potential phone calls congratulating the grandparents to be.

I guess it is time to take the picture off the fridge and put to rest any future rumors from occuring.

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