Friday, June 17, 2011

New Daycare

Karter has been going to his new daycare for two and a half months and we have decided to pull him out. It really was a disappointment as I had high hopes for this daycare. They look good in writing and run a good business out of her home, but it is just not a good fit. Some of the deciding factors included:
- I was told the kid to parent ratio was 3:1. In fact, this was one of the selling points and I did not mind paying an extra $200 per month above the average daycare rates to get this service. However, when Mark drops and picks Karter up there is on average between 8 to 13 kids there and only one adult. Sometimes the only "adult" looking after the kids in the backyard is their 12 year old daughter.
- Karter has been mentioning for awhile that the kids push him and tell him to go away. I understand kids will be kids but he is ONLY 2 and if there is not proper supervision it is unacceptable and not being handled correctly. I did address this with our daycare provider and she mentioned that none of the kids are agressive and that Karter is clumsy so that is maybe where he is getting that from.
This one is hard bc how much do you look into what your two year old is saying. In this case we went with our gut. Also - Karter NEVER came home from Kathy's saying he is getting pushed down and showing us how the kids are pushing him down.
- Every time Mark picks Karter up he is playing by himself in the sandbox. I remember when he would come home from Kathy's house he was counting and saying his colors - learning. Here - not so much.
- The final straw was this week. When Mark was dropping Karter off their daughter seen them coming and yelled - no - not Karter. I do not like him. All the dad did was laugh and say "yes you do". How horrible - I think I would have started crying right on the spot.

But - at the end of this we have a silver lining and her name is Bonnie. She is super daycare lady - licensed - very small numbers (for real this time) - experienced daycare provider of approx. 15 years - and Mark's neice Jordyn use to go to Bonnie. Mark's family raves about her and we were so fortunate that she has an opening. We met with her and she is fantastic. When she opened the door she said "oh Mark - you are all grown up". I felt comfortable instantly.

And bc her numbers are so small - she is often going on field trips with them. When we met with her they were off to the Forestry Farm which I thought was cool. She says they also frequent the library or at Christmas time she takes them down to the mall to see Santa. Oh this is going to be heaven!!

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  1. Funny you should post this today....
    We just looked at a new daycare for the boys today. I didn't hate my old one but I didn't love it either. Welll i L-O-V-E-D the one today. The outdoor playground was huge, there was an outdoor sports area, and everything that I think a dream daycare needs. Downside.... We are #90 on the waiting list. She assured me that people to get in, but seriously. I have been on the waiting list since Jan so I hope we get in sometime next year. We are going to pull the boys from where ever they are when (if) they finally get in. Having Childcare you trust and believe in is just that important. Good for you for going with your gut and pulling Karter. Looks like the perfect timing in the end. I hope that Bonnie is all that you hope and more!