Friday, May 27, 2011

Extreme Couponing

I have watched a couple episodes of that extreme couponing show on TLC. At first I thought they were crazy and that they are borderline hoarders. But - the show also sparked my interest. Not sure if it is because I am an accountant and my new position is in budgeting, or the fact that our income is cut in half since Mark is going to school.

I am aware of what we spend on groceries, but have not really compared prices at say Co-op to Extra Foods. Or when flyers come out paid attention to sale items before. I have definitely never used a coupon.

So ... I have decided that I am going to become a couponer!! Not to the extreme of the show - I know Mark is concerned our home is going to turn into an episode of hoarders. My plan is as follows:

I have signed up to some Canadian coupon websites and have requested coupons be mailed to me for products I USE. I am looking at weekly flyers for sales items and clipping out coupons from the paper for items we USE. I do not intend on buying multiple items and three grocery carts full of stuff (besides in Canada I am not sure if this is even possible).

Today was the first day I used coupons. I needed deodorant, razors and make up powder. By chance a drugstore I frequent often had all these items on sale. Here were my savings:

Deodorant - regular $4.99 on sale for $3.49 + I had a $2 off coupon = $1.49
Make up powder - regular $15.99 on sale for $11.99 + I had a $1 off coupon = $10.99
Razors - regular $9.99 on sale for $6.99 + I had a $3 off coupon = $3.99

Total regular cost was $30.97 and I paid $16.47 - close to 50% off!!

For the next month I plan on tracking what I am saving finding deals and using coupons. I may then save the savings and use it for something fun for our family to do. Or I may be bored of this by next week and forget all about it :0

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