Monday, May 9, 2011

Introducing Juice

I think we are half ass crazy ~ but we bought a dog. His name is Juice and he is a Staffy, which is part English Bull Dog and part terrier. We brought him home about a month ago and he turned five months old yesterday.

So far things are going great ~ and not so great. First off the great. This dog is so very smart. Mark taught him to “sit” one night, “stay” the next, and “shake a paw” the following night. Karter LOVES having a dog, and I really like it also. It has gotten myself and Mark off our butts and walking. Heck – I even jogged on the weekend with Juice. I was quite proud of myself. Juice is also kennel trained which makes things so easy. I can count on my fingers the amount of times he has barked in his kennel. Juice is also house trained ~ not going to lie we have had a few accidents. I think it is more so myself and Mark figuring out his cues that he needs to go to the bathroom. The dog is also leash trained. Yes – we lucked out. The breeder is also an obedience trainer. However, I must be doing something not quite right bc the dog is starting to pull on his leash. It is mainly when we turn around to go home. Luckily we start obedience classes next week.

Now ~ the not so great. He is a puppy and what do puppies love to do – JUMP. Not the worst for myself and Mark, but when he jumps on K they are eye to eye and it scares him. It is very hard trying to teach a two year old how to “be the pack leader”. I think it makes it especially hard on Mark because he is constantly having to monitor the dog and Karter when I am not home. So poor Dad does not have a lot of down time these days. Luckily – Juice loves to be outside and Mark can put him out there or in his kennel if it gets to be too much. I am hoping this obedience class will give us the kick start to ending this jumping habit.

The other issue – the CAT. It has improved greatly since we first brought him home. Ryder actually full blown attacked him the first night. We have baby gates up in our house and the cat is mainly upstairs when Juice is on the main level. Poor dog justs wants to play with the cat. On occation when they do meet – it is a gong show of the cat running around the house with Juice hot on her tail. Karter thinks this is the most entertaining thing ever. I just want a cohesive home. My dream about cat and dog becoming BFF’s is gone – so I hope they can lounge in the same room one day. That is my new dream.

The last issue - Tail Chasing. OMG - this dog has found his tail and is OCD about catching it. It sounds cute but honestly if we let him this dog would tail chase all frickn' day. Like Karter - we redirect this bad behaviour.

All in all – Juice is doing great. I just have to keep remembering that he is a puppy and like Karter – will grow out of it. One of the reasons we decided on this breed is for their temperament with children. This breed is nicknamed the “nanny dog”. I am sure once he grows out of this puppy stage he will be K’s sidekick.

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