Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Do the ... Potty Dance

For months and months we have been casually bring up going to the bathroom on the potty. Karter avoided the toilet like the plague. He wouldn't even sit on it and would lose it if we attempted to sit him down. But ... lately he has been getting pretty interested in the toilet and does his business in private and will let you know after that he has pooped. If you even look at him he yells "go away mommy". Lol.

So last night we could tell he had to go poop. We suggested do you want to go poo on the potty? And he said YES!! I have not seen Mark and I move so fast in all my life. He ran with K to the toilet and I ran downstairs to stock up on gummy bears. By the time I got upstairs I heard a loud "plunk". OMG ... there were high fives, a few tears, lots of gummy bears and of course a little potty dance.


  1. I think we may have to get Karter to have a little talk with Calder! Calder is REFUSING to even go near the toilet!

  2. Karter was the same way!! Tonight he was sitting on the toilet and I told him to push. He stared back at me and held out his hand for a treat. I gave him one then he pushed. Kids are too smart.