Friday, July 8, 2011

Daycare Week 1 a Success

Ok - I promise this is my last post about daycare for awhile. I am just so thrilled about Bonnie I have to share my excitement.

Karter loves to pick dandilions and give them to me. More often then not when he was at his old daycare he would pick dandilions and hold them in his hand until I got home from work and then he would be so excited to give them to me. I Love getting flowers from Karter - even if they are squished and shrivelled from being in his palm for who knows how long. He has continued his flower picking at Bonnie's house. BUT - today when he gave them to me they were in a ziploc bag. When Mark picked him up she handed the bag to him. She said that she felt bad for him bc he would be holding the flowers for a long time and would only have one hand to play with. Point being - she pays attention to Karter.

Today she took the kids to the school by her house. I am not really sure what the program is but the kids do crafts once a week and he also played soccer in the school. Again - I just love how she takes the kids places.

On another note - I am truly enjoying the 2.5 year stage. Karter impresses me daily with his vocabulary. He is in the "what is this for" stage. I really like explaining things to my inquisitive son. The other day he picked up my bra and asked "Mommy - what this for"? My reply - "It is to help Mommy's fight against gravity".

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