Sunday, July 10, 2011

Where's Karter

I consider myself to be a protective parent. Karter is 2.5 years old and I find when he is in my care I am pretty much by his side. I will leave his side only for a short second and just prefer to have him in visual distance from me.

This weekend we had a 60th birthday party for one of Marks uncles and there was a lot of relatives in town. Today we went over to Marks parents house for brunch and I was exhausted and decided a rest on the couch was necessary. Not sleeping but just relaxing. Karter was downstairs playing with his cousins and would pop up occationally to say hi. He even asked me to come down and play but I was just too tired.

I was sitting there for awhile and decided I should go check on him. I started upstairs but no Karter. Went downstairs and the kids said he was not down there. I started calling his name louder and louder. I could feel panic setting in. I rushed upstairs and informed Mark that Karter was missing. We checked the house again and nothing. I ran outside and was shouting his name. I was scared. Others started helping us look. Marks parents house is four houses in from a busy street. He does not know how to cross the street by himself.

Thankfully - our search ended soon. Karter was in their backyard by himself picking dandilions. He must have just walked out the front door all by himself and no one noticed. Daddy gave him a stern talking to.

I found it to be a wake up call that he has no problems leaving the house by himself and am just thankful he did not go far.

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