Thursday, February 7, 2013

Karter's 4th Birthday Party

We celebrated Karter's 4th birthday last weekend.  It was a pool party and we rented a room at the Lakewood Civic Center before we went swimming.  Karter requested a dinosaur themed party this year. I turned to pinterest to get some crafty ideas and of course I was overwhelmed with the options.  I chose to keep it simple, for the most part, and cost friendly as I am on a pretty tight budget these days.  What I loved is that Karter appreciated all our efforts and he did not stop smiling the entire party.  We made a dinosaur dig out of an inflatable pool and filled it with shredded paper.  We used Easter eggs and put mini dinosaurs inside.  My other favorite pinterest steal was paper mache dinosaur eggs for treat bags.  We filled them with dinosaur related items.  It took a long time, but was so worth it.

A couple weeks before the party, Karter met my friend Danika's neice Roxy and pretty much fell in love with her right then and there.  He kept asking me to invite her to his birthday party so of course I did.  The funny thing though is that he also wanted to invite his girlfriend Melanie from daycare.  When Mark was driving Karter to daycare he told him that he had an invitation for Melanie.  I guess Karter got all concerned and said "but Dad, I am only suppose to have one girlfriend at my birthday party".  Oh what a ladies man.  Unfortunately Melanie was unable to make it but it may have been for the best as Karter was all about Roxy.  Showing her around the party and sitting by her.  They did not leave each others side while swimming.  It was pretty cute. 

I was showing Karter pictures of his party and there is a pic of Roxy with an apple juice in front of her.  Karter pipes up "Oh My Goodness, I did not know Roxy likes apple juice".  His expression was like he discovered the moon.  This week Karter and Mark dug some snow tunnels in the front yard.  Karter said he would like to take Roxy on a date in his tunnels.  Like I really don't know where this kid picks this stuff up!

Thanks to everyone who was able to attend Karter's party.  It is so nice to have so much love and support for our little man.

I also have to throw out there that this was the first time I sported a bikini since Bentley was born.  And I looked dino-myte.  Lol.

Here are some pictures from the party.

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