Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Would You?

My son tends to be on the shy side when it comes to other kids.  It can even get to be a bit awkward.  Lol.  Well depends on the day.  Anyway, he takes after his mother in the way that I am completely timid in a new environment until I feel comfortable.  This was one of the biggest reasons why I wanted to put him into preschool starting this fall.  We figured this would be an easier transition than sending him straight to kindergarten.  He will get into the school routine, there is no recess, and he will not be friendless on the first day of kindergarten.  Easy breezy decision.  However, the registration process - not so much!

Multiple co-workers of mine that live in the same area as us have shared their preschool registration experience.  This included on the day of registration lining up at 3am OUTSIDE to ensure their child got a spot.  Now remember, registration is at the end of February for this particular school!  If you showed up after 5 or 6 am you did not get a spot - I guess registration starts at 10am.  This registration process is in the public school and aparently the teacher is amazing.  The reason for such few spots is that if your child has attended before the younger siblings are grandfathered in.  Anyway, Karter will be going to the Catholic school next door.  This is the second year they were offering preschool.  So I had no idea what to do the day of registration which was at 9:30am.  3am, 5am, 6am???  I knew that it was so important to Mark and I to get a spot for Karter.  We truly believe he will benefit tremendously ... so we decided to suck it up - it is for our son.  Of course - Mark would be the one standing in line so it made my decision easier.  Registration was February 1st. 

I felt bad for Mark looking at the weather forecast, as last week was freezing!  I poked fun at it, but then it ended up biting me in the butt.  Mark ended up having a Kinsmen function Thursday night, two home inspections booked for Friday and another Kinsmen function Friday night, so guess who ended up having to go stand in line.  F&ck.  I decided 6am would be a good time to go.  I had packed my winter boots, skipants, hat, mitts, and a blanket the night before.  In the am I anxiously pulled up to the school and .... no one was there!  I was pumped, well kind of.  I went to Tim Hortons and got a coffee, came home for a bit, did a couple school drivebys, then headed back to the school to stay put at 7:45. 

I was first in line, and a girl followed me in and the line grew from there - oh - and we got to wait INSIDE the school.  Catholics are so thoughtful ;)  It was posted on the door that there were only 13 spots!  I ended up chatting with the girl behind me and I think her son and Karter are going to be best friends.  They sound so similar and ended up in the same class.  I was so frickn' pumped when I registered him!  I had to bring back his health card for them to photocopy and I asked Karter if he wanted to go meet his teachers.  Once it registered he was so excited.  He quickly drew a couple pics for them and off to the school we went.  He was mesmerized by his classroom.  It was pretty cute and he chatted up his teachers.  It was kind of awkward though as the parents registering by this point were being put on a wait list as the classrooms were full. 

So for now I am on cloud nine that he will be attending school next year. I am sure in August it was be a whold other story as I will have to watch my sweet little boy go off into the real world.

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