Sunday, December 6, 2009

Grandma's China

About four years ago my mom and Grandma lived with me. My Grandma had a beautiful set of china that she received when she got married, which we displayed in the house. I was honored when she wanted me to have them!! I thought this would be a great heirloom that I could give to my daughter one day.

Well ... when I moved to Saskatoon Grandma's china went missing. The last couple months I have been sifting through all the boxes in our basement. I was truly sad when I did not find these treasured heirlooms. Not sure what could have happened to them I kept replaying the move that took place three years ago. Did the movers lose these boxes, did I accidently donate them? I was so sad as these dishes hold a lot of sentimental value to me, especially since my Grandmother past away this year.

Tonight I was going through the last section of the basement and came across two unopened boxes. OMG, I screamed in delight when I opened the first one and realized it was the long lost china.

I am so excited for the day we move into a new house and I can display these beautiful dishes that remind me of my sweet Grandma.

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