Sunday, April 3, 2011

Allergy Appointment

I must admit I have been nervous about Karter's appointment with the allergy specialist since the day I made the appointment. Karter HATES the doctor. As soon as they walk in the room he is pist off till we leave. He even tells the doctor to leave. Lol. Anyway - all I kept thinking of was how he was going to react to the doc poking him with needles. The night before his appointment we kept coaching him that he was going to the doctor and we pretended to poke him in the arm like the doctor was going to. To my surprise K was sooooo good at his appointment. I think it helped that the specialist has a good bed side manner. When it came to the point to do the needle poking - with a big smile I said "ok - time for the poking". Karter got a big smile on his face and just sat still for the doctor. We were so proud of him. In fact - the most Karter acted up was when we had to wait 15 minutes for the test results. But - Daddy acted quick and grabbed two tounge depressors and a cotton ball and the boys had a quick mini stick match. Good news is that K did not have any allergic reactions to what the doc tested him for. Bad news is that he has been diagnosed with asthma. Not a big deal - I also had asthma as a child and grew out of it. I am confident Karter will do the same.

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