Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Job

Mixed feelings about this one ... but I know it is for the best. Thing is ... I truly like my job. I like my department, I like the other departments/subsidiaries I deal with, I find the work challenging and rewarding. The downfall is that I feel like I am married to my job. Every third month is quarter end. This means we have a lot of work to do in not a lot of time. Which also means no chance of time off and overtime can be quite extensive. This year has been especially challenging due to new accounting principles coming in, and we have really been working overtime since November. Needless to say that I am burnt out and stressed out.

We receive job postings daily for internal positions within the company. Late February there was a posting that interested me. After a lot of contemplating I decided to apply. This was a BIG step for me. The policy at work is when you apply for an internal positon, you have to inform your supervisor. It sucked because I consider my boss my friend. When I finally got the courage to tell her ... she screached. But ... after explaining that I just could not do the overtime anymore she totally understood. I am also not proud of the work that I am doing. I find that I am rushing to get through it due to time constraints... the time and detail needed is not up to par and that bothers me.

I ended up getting called for an interview and had it last Wednesday. I was nervous because it was with a department I do not deal with and my knowledge is quite limited as to what they do. It was not my best interview ... and afterwards I found myself not as interested as I first was in the position.

My boss called me into her office that same day and asked if I was interested in another job in the Finance department. She said that they did not want to lose me. I understood because I am super awesome and kind of a big deal. Lol. Just kidding.

After discussing the opportunity with Mark - we decided it was a no brainer and I happily accepted. Starting in May I will transition from g/l over to budget, forecast and strategic planning. I am very excited about this. The overtime will be drastically reduced, we are only overtime busy in late October and most of November. I really like the people in the budgeting group. I also love the fact that I can spend as much time as possible with my little man and hot husband.

So yeah for me. Now I just have to survive quarter end, but it is nice thinking this is the last quarter I will have to do!!

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  1. CONgrats!!! That is great news. I have the same fears as i get ready to look for a new job. I am upfront that I dont' work overtime and that I will work at home if needed occationally. Talk about restricting job opportunities in our field! I would love to get out of financial reporting to avoid the quaters... we'll see what happens in Nov when I actually start looking!