Sunday, April 3, 2011

Phoenix Trip

We went to Phoenix for a week to visit my dad and his wife Dail. Highlights include a trip to the zoo and aquarium, daily visits to the lake, a baseball game and a bit of shopping. Karter did great on the plane. On the way home he had a big poop and thankfully daddy volunteered to change that diaper. I have no idea how he changed Karter in such a small airplane bathroom.

Things I was surprised about during our trip to Phoenix:

1. I was not expecting to see palm, orange and lemon trees.

2. I seen three pot holes the whole time we were there. Roads were amazing.

3. People were very friendly. However when I mention this people often say "yeah, but half of them are snowbirds"

4. Some people have chickens as pets - to keep scorpions our of their homes

5. Property tax is very cheap - as well as homes

6. The pride the city takes in maintaining the landscape is amazing. All brush was perfectly shaped and I rarely seen any garbage.

7. When we were hanging out at the lake (manmade about the same size as Arbor Creeks), a man was fishing and caught a turtle.

8. The first license plate that Mark noticed after we left the airport in Phoenix was a Sk Roughrider license plate.

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