Monday, April 25, 2011

Hoppy Easter

Easter was super fun this year. K woke up to a trail of chocolate eggs that led downstairs to the closet where his new bubble lawnmower was. He thought is was so much fun to follow the chocolate eggs. He would screach with pure joy every - single - time he found an egg.

We then headed off to Grandma and Grandpas where the egg trail started on the street. The kids had clues left by the Easter bunny to help them to find their baskets. Karter and his cousins had such a great time. I was thrilled that Karter understood this year. The Easter bunny even ate some of the treats the kids left out for him and left them a note. So cute. The kids ended the morning with an Easter egg hunt outside. This was such a huge hit with Karter that we ended up hiding plastic eggs around the house all afternoon and him and Mark hid eggs all day today.

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